A good l’Inte Caffe desserte

Dessert is a good meal climax, our Italian restaurant l’Inte Caffe thus offers you a large variety sweetmeats put together by our home cooking pastry chef from the highest quality ingredients such as fruits from the best suppliers in Rungis.

The pastry chef of the Italian restaurant l’Inte Caffe also features our special coffee with gourmet dessert, presented in verrines.

Our pastry chef will of course delight you every week with his numerous creations based on seasonal products:

– The Crumbles: Apple, Pear and Choco, Red fruits
– The Pies: Lemon meringue, Dark Chocolate, figs…
– His bread pudding with butter and salty caramel
– The Cheese-cake
– The profiteroles


Fait Maison l'Inte Caffe restaurant italien Paris 8  All our dishes are “homemade”  and baked off with natural products.

Dessert l'Inté Caffé

The classics in Italian tradition :

– Tiramisu
– Panna Cotta
– Zabayon ….

The Timelesses:

– Chocolate Fudge
– Apple tart
– Crème brûlée ….

The Former times Sweets:

– Mont-Blanc
– Vacherin

The best of L’INTE CAFFE:

– Strawberry Tile
– Speculos Tiramisu
– Crème brûlée with chocolate ….

The Fruits:

– Exotic fruit salad
– Pineapple carpaccio
– Mangoes Tartare ….

  • Dessert l'Inte caffe
  • Dessert l'Inte caffe
  • Dessert l'Inte caffe
  • Dessert l'Inté Caffé
  • Dessert l'Inte caffe


A large set of sweetmeats created by our home cooking pastry chef